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Prayer Request: healting and direction

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Yvette Hernandez

healting and direction (Jan 29, 2011)

Prayer Request:

Praise the lord. I need direction and answer from my god. I had 3 surgery for a cathereder in my chest to do emerency dialysis. I had kidney failure in 1992. I recieved a kidney transplant in May 1997. In Novemeber I was told I had diabetes. In July 2010 I was informed by the doctors that my kindey transplant had failed and need to go back on dialysis. In July 2010 I was informed I no longer had diabetes. In November 2008 I was informed I had cancer in my breast. I had 2 mammograms done both came out negitive. I told the doctor I waould not do chemo and lose my hair. I never did the chemo and kept my hair.  I continue to have fevers, my hemoglobin continued to drop, had 3 blood transfusion and had night sweats. I was told by a reigistered Nurse Rhonda that I had bone cancer. I need to be tested. I was told I need a bone biopsy. I had the test done about 2 months ago and  have no answer back from these test. If the doctor would have found something they would have already called me. I give all the glory to my heavenly father.  I am schedule for Feb. 1,  2011 for surgery to put a fistula in my other arm. I want the lord open the dorrs or closte them. So I do not have this surgery. After this surgery I have to wait till it heals and have another surgery to make my veins supra fishual. This would be a total of 5 surgery since July of 2010 till Feb. 2011. I want my kidney to function at one hundred percent. There is nothing inpossible for the lord all mighty. god bless you

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