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Prayer Request: healing and I want back everything the devil took from us

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Yvette Hernandez

healing and I want back everything the devil took from us (Dec 25, 2011)

Prayer Request:

Please pray for me Yvette Hernandez. How long does it take the lord to heal me I doctor had me on dialysis since I

was 27 years old. My kidney transplant failed in July 27 2010. The doctors put me back on dialysis. Because they say I am sick

In March 2008 I was told I had breast cancer. I get a mammogram every year. On Dec. 29, 2011 I will have another mammogram

I had a catheder in my chest that was place on my chest on July 27, 2010. This cathedar was only supposely be in my chest

for 3 months now it been in me for one year and five months. This catheder has alot of medical affect. Can cause stoke,

heart attack, eizures and death. Todyay my cathedar was hurting with pressure. The devil took my marriage, my phyical health,

my wage due not been able to work, discrimination from my bosses,co worker dental assistant and office manager, Before all

this I was on fire for the lord. The doctors say I have high blood pressure, The lord heal me from diabetes. About 8 months ago my

bones bugun to hurt so bad that not even a asprin to the pain away. The ER gave me percacet which are addicted drugs On Jan 12, 2012 I

have a appointment with an Oncologist to check all my bones to see if I have bone cancer. I been praing awahile for healing in my bones.

The do not hurt so much. God say by his stripes I was heal and the lord gave me the victory. My son attend chruch every

time the chruch doors are open. Jeremy does not pray or read the bible,Jeremy sing on the church choir. My son curse and gossip.

The youth guys of our church do not talk to my son. Jeremy watches demonic movies at home , friends house and at the

movices, Jeremy listens to worldly music on his Ipod, cell phone,SUV radio and TV. Jeremy has a calling to be a pastor but hi is afaird. god bless you

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