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Church of God The Bibleway Apostolic Creed
We believe that God is the Father, Almighty Maker of heaven and earth. We believe he came in the form of man with the name of Jesus, We believe that he was crucified on Calvary's Cross, and gave up the Holy Ghost, that we might be filled with the Holy Ghost. We believe that there is only God and any other way is contrary to God's word. We believe in the baptism in Jesus' name. We believe in forgiveness of sin, resurrection of body, life everlasting with one God. We believe in communion with saints and washing feet. We are the Apostolic Church Of God The Bibleway,where Jesus Christ is Lord.

Written By: Overseer Apostle C.A. Cowart

Apostle Clayton Allen Cowart, Pastor & Overseer
Supreme Council President
Winter Haven Florida


Apostle Clayton Allen Cowart was born in the year of our Lord 1971 on December 24, to Mother Jellene Cowart, the son of Amos Cowart. His ministry begin at the age of five.

Apostle Cowart has served as President of the Churches of God the Bibleway for nearly 21 years. Throughout his tenure as Presider, the church has grown from one local congregation to over 114. He is the founder of the Bibleway Christian Academy and Apostolic Bibleway College. He holds a doctorate degree in Divinity & Religions.

He is the husband of one wife, Lady Lisa Yvette Cowart, father of three children, Deddrick, Claytavia,and Clayeisha.

Apostle Cowart's favorite song 'I Need Thee", describes the character and personality of the humbled leader. With a willingness to serve, he encourages the saints to hold fast to the Apostolic Doctrine without compromise and keep the vision in view.