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   Discussion: A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord!
Ethel Jones · 9 years, 10 months ago

I Ethel Jones Have been battling with lupus for years I had my first kidney transplant in August 12,2004 and i just had another transplant July 14,2010 and on the 14 of July I had two surgery and then on July 19,2010 I had another 3 surgeries and it was difficult but yet in still I know that God is able to do anything because this time I started back on dialysis December 23,2009 and it went from me doing dialysis 3 times a week for 3 hours  and 15 minutes a day until me doing dialysis 5 times a week for 3 hours a day then I started doing dialysis for 8 hours a day and I had to be off my feet the hold 8 hours. And on July 13 about 11am the transplant center called me and told me that they had a kidney for me and I didn't believe it because I had started to doubt everything because it had start being so hard because when I left church on sunday I started to tell God that I couldn't do this anymore and that let me know that God was listening because I was sitting there on the bed watching tv and they was talking about a lady that had got a kidney transplant threw her facebook account and I said I need to go on facebook and God spoke and said I am your facebook and I got the phone call as soon as I said that and they called and told me that they had a kidney and how soon could I be there.And I do know that God is able no matter what you go threw but we all have doubt sometime but we have to trust God.But I do feel like a new person even as they are saying that I have a lump in my right beast Iam still trusting God because I know that he is able to do anything so I know when I get retest next month in october that I am believe that it don't show anything so just pray and believe with me.I am learning to trust Jesus threw everything that I go threw because when you do his will he will take care of you.

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