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A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord!

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A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord!

Posted by: Geraldine on Thu, Oct 22, 2009

Save-A-Life Donations are needed/updated Testimony from Sister Ethel Jones

A soldier in the army of the Lord! Our dear and beloved sister in the Lord Sister Ethel Jones is a faithful and devoted member of Jesus Saves Thru Faith. Sister Ethel is always willing to lend a helping hand to do whatever she can to be a help to the ministry. Sister Ethel is a very loving and caring mother of three children. Soreya, Jacobie and kylia. Although she has been battling with Lupus for so many years with much hope and prayers to be able to have a normal life, Sister Ethel has had many disappointments having to go in and out of the hospital for so many years and yet not knowing whether it would be the last time that she would be able to leave and go home to her family. The children love their mother so much and the thought of losing her can be seen on their faces even though much like their mother, they are moma's little soldiers. Soreya is the oldest daughter, she's still in school and does what she can to help out in the home. Soreya's younger siblings Kylia and Jacobie are also a big help to their mom. After a doctor's visit in December of 2001. Sister Ethel was diagnosed with Lupus, and she was told that she had at best three month's to live.
Her life changed dramatically after she was told that she had Lupus. She was totally disabled and constantly on chemotherapy, and dialysis.She was not able to do the things that she was use to doing. Due to the Lupus she was starting to experience kidney failure. she was in desperate need for a kidney transplant.The Doctors found a kidney for her,but after some testing things didn't match. Still she continued to hope for a miraculous blessing. Then, they tested her sister, and found that the match was perfect. Sister Ethel was so excited that it seemed that she would finally get the kidney that she needed. Then she was told that her sister could not donate her kidney because she was pregnant. Doctors later told Sister Ethel that her aunt Carolyn McDuffie was a suitable donor. Although the news was good Sister Ethel did not get her hopes up to high because it was the third time she had been told that she had a donor.
The doctors tested Sister McDuffie and they matched. They were admitted to Tampa General Hospital for the procedure. Sister McDuffie was happy  for her niece and was glad to be able to give her niece one of her kidneys

Although Sister McDuffie had never had surgery before,she was certainly willing to go through this surgery to help her niece. Both patients came though the surgery without any serious complications.The new kidney begin to do it's job almost immediately, Even her Doctors were amazed at the progress of their patients. It will be eight years ago in December 2009.


 It has been almost eight years now since Sister Jones received a kidney from her aunt Carolyn McDuffie. Sister Ethel is a true worshipper and Praiser of God and a giver from the heart. Even when she is in severe pain in her body she still pushes forward like the true soldier that she is so that she can take care of the needs of her family. She tries her best to help  and be a part of whatever is going on in the church,whether it be helping to prepare the food being served or helping with the decorations for the occasion. Pictured on the left is a picture of her been showered with gifts on mother's day from her three children and her Church family. Sister Ethel is now once again in need of another Kidney, and needs help with the medical expenses for her meds.Sister Ethel is type "O Positive", if you or anyone that you know is type "O positive" and would like to help Sister Ethel Jones, Please email her @ Your Support will be greatly appreciated. Please keep our dear Sister Ethel in your much needed prayers.
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   Discussion: A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord!
Ethel Jones · 10 years, 4 months ago

I Ethel Jones Have been battling with lupus for years I had my first kidney transplant in August 12,2004 and i just had another transplant July 14,2010 and on the 14 of July I had two surgery and then on July 19,2010 I had another 3 surgeries and it was difficult but yet in still I know that God is able to do anything because this time I started back on dialysis December 23,2009 and it went from me doing dialysis 3 times a week for 3 hours  and 15 minutes a day until me doing dialysis 5 times a week for 3 hours a day then I started doing dialysis for 8 hours a day and I had to be off my feet the hold 8 hours. And on July 13 about 11am the transplant center called me and told me that they had a kidney for me and I didn't believe it because I had started to doubt everything because it had start being so hard because when I left church on sunday I started to tell God that I couldn't do this anymore and that let me know that God was listening because I was sitting there on the bed watching tv and they was talking about a lady that had got a kidney transplant threw her facebook account and I said I need to go on facebook and God spoke and said I am your facebook and I got the phone call as soon as I said that and they called and told me that they had a kidney and how soon could I be there.And I do know that God is able no matter what you go threw but we all have doubt sometime but we have to trust God.But I do feel like a new person even as they are saying that I have a lump in my right beast Iam still trusting God because I know that he is able to do anything so I know when I get retest next month in october that I am believe that it don't show anything so just pray and believe with me.I am learning to trust Jesus threw everything that I go threw because when you do his will he will take care of you.

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